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Snippets from my wine travels.

  wʌɪn/ /ˈtræv.əl/

Inflorescence was born around 5 months before lockdown happened. I was busy making plans for the new business, hosting tastings for charity so I could curate my classes and style, figuring out what a life in wine meant to me... there was no time to travel for wine, I had to make do with simply drinking the wine from these unexplored lands! Then BAM. Pop those hopes of future wine travel in a box for a few years! Lockdown kept me and the team very busy with all the virtual tastings and DIY tasting kits, and really was a silver lining to the Covid cloud. Inflorescence grew and grew (just as an inflorescence should!) and before I knew it, I still wasn't exploring afar because I was having all the fun sharing wine with all our lovely guests!

My 2023 pact was to get out there, meet the winemakers, see the sights, taste the wine in the place it's made, be drenched in wine-derlust!

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