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/kjʊəˈreɪtɪd waɪn lɪst/

Your wedding is full of so many perfect details; we believe the wines you serve on your special day should be memorable and meaningful to you. 

We will pair your wedding dining menu with specially chosen wines to enhance your dining experience. Our wines are not available in supermarkets, so you know your wedding wines will stand out from the crowd. 

We know supplying wine for your guests can be costly, and we make it our mission to find you outstanding quality for unbelievable value.

In our initial consultation, we go through your budget, menu and preferences. We will select 3-4 wines of each colour/style you've requested (eg, Sparkling, White, Rosé, Red, 'Toasting'  Sparkling) along with tasting notes and prices to see which wines you fancy sampling. 

We love to make this an event in itself for you, and encourage you to invite some of your guests to help make the all important decision! 

Sampling Session:

£210 (includes VAT) + your chosen bottles. 

We can even arrange tasting similar dishes to your menu alongside the wines to help get a better feeling for the pairings.

Alternatively, we can send out your choices for you to taste in your own time.

£ your chosen bottles + £ P&P

Once you've chosen your favourites, you'll receive personalised tasting notes so you can add these to your menus if you wish your guests to appreciate this touch! And of course, we will arrange delivery to a venue/address of your choice so your wines will be ready for the big day! 

If you didn't feel drawn to any of the wines you tasted (which we are confident you will!), we will keep searching for the right one for you! 

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