An inflorescence is a grape flower cluster. The buds turn into flowers and are pollinated. The pollinated flowers turn into grapes. The grapes are made into wine. And wine is a good thing.

No, wine is a GREAT thing.

I feel like we all start as an inflorescence on our scrumptious, eye-opening and tipsy journey of wine. The more we learn and taste, the more we start to develop - just like the buds into flowers.


A sommelier friend of mine once told me "Wine keeps you young - because you never stop learning." So let's learn together, whatever stage we are at, because wine is for everyone and wine makes everything better.

Jacinta Maddison

Founder of Inflorescence, Sommelier

I found my love for wine when I opened my restaurant in Fitzrovia. Working with sommeliers on the wine list was one of my favourite times of the year (nothing to do with getting to try all the wines in one sitting!) 

I wanted to know more. I wanted to try more. 

So I left the restaurant life behind and started my wine studies. I realised along the way that my main passion was sharing wine with people who don't "know" wine - the opposite of all the wine snobs I came across on any classes and workshops I went on. I wanted to make wine accessible and fun.

So here we are!




 Workshop #1  

Back to Basics

Learn what wine is all about without all the 'wine snob' lingo. From what's inside and outside the bottle to understanding all this tasting malarky. 

Taste 6 still wines (3 classic whites & 3 classic reds) all different in style. Together we can pinpoint what you like and love. Receive a personalised recommendation list of 

similar wines you should 

also enjoy. No need to always order the Malbec or Pinot anymore!

Class includes welcome bubbles, 6 taster wines and Charcuterie, Breads & Cheese Board.

Duration: 2 hours


 Workshop #2  


If you love cheese and you love wine then get nibbling here. 

Enjoy 6 mouth-watering cheeses from Carron Lodge paired with 6 equally delicious wines. Learn what makes a good partnership when it comes to cheese and wine so you can experiment for yourself at home (and you will!)

Class includes 6 taster glasses of wine (sparkling, whites, reds and sweet) and 6 cheeses (plus breads etc!)

Duration: 90 mins 


 Workshop #3  

Old World Vs. New 

What's the difference?

Why is there a difference?

Most importantly:

Which do you prefer?

Finally understand what to say when someone says "French Chardonnay or Californian?"

Blind taste 3 Old World wines and compare these to the New World's counterpart. 

Blind tasting takes away any pre-conceptions we may have - you might surprise yourself!


Class includes welcome bubbles, 6 taster wines, Charcuterie, Breads & Cheese Board. 


Duration: 2 hours


 Workshop #4 

Hola España

Tapas paired with Spanish wines​ makes for a very tasty combination. 

Feel like you're in Spain for a few hours and taste 6 classic Spanish wines accompanied with a selection of Spanish Tapas.


Class includes 6 taster wines and Spanish food selection.

Duration: 2 hours


 Workshop #5  


France is the wine country of the world - why is this? 

Delve into French wines from all over France. Learn about classic regions and what they do best. Enjoy all of these wines with some tasty French fare.

Class includes welcome Champagne and 6 taster wines and French food selection.

Duration: 2 hours


 Workshop #6 

Ciao Italia

We all love Italian food - what's not to love?!

Pasta, pizza, focaccia... DROOL.


Italian wines are equally as good. Pair together and we've entered Heaven.


Over indulge with this wine and food pairing. 

Class includes welcome bubbles, 6 taster wines & Italian food selection.

Duration: 2 hours


Classes for 6+ people. If you'd like a smaller class, please email us to discuss your options. Classes can be held at your home or a private dining area in a central London restaurant.

Please email hello@inflorescencewines.com to make a booking.



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